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André Potgieter      

July 2023: Hello World:

I am now one year old and have already learned a lot. Above all, if I am friendly to those around me, they will also be friendly to me. That's why I laugh a lot and everyone enjoys it.

I've also traveled far: with my parents' mobile home to France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. And hey: South Africa is only one night away.

Right now I'm in the process
with full enthusiasm of finally learning to walk without my Ferrari push car. Yes mum and dad, then I'll keep you on your toes even more!

Until Easter 2024: The first trips:

For me, everything at grandma’s horse farm is new and totally exciting.

I can sweep with the witch's broom, feed horses, pet them and much more.

The “children’s box” is also much larger here. I have to talk to mom about straw in my box at home.

I now also know Japan in winter.

I definitely didn't see any Easter bunnies in South Africa. Somehow the same as Santa Claus and Knecht Ruprecht in Germany. I always find beautiful things when I was told that they had been here. Next year I'll be on the lookout...
Because I'm already practicing speaking a lot, I'll ask all three why they don't say hello while they bring us all such nice presents.

I've been going to the nursery school since the beginning of the year. I'm learning a lot about asserting myself and a very important word: wouw. When I see something or pick something up and say that word out loud, everyone immediately looks at me and laughs.

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